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VIDEO: Bodegraven first! The rest of the world second.

Begin februari 2017 maakte ik voor mijn radioprogramma Bas & Breakfast het filmpje Bodegraven First!  Het filmpje ging binnen twee dagen over de 38.000 views heen en het lokale AD schreef er ook over. 

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Bodegraven first! The rest of the world second.

  1. Hello. I do not write or speak Dutch – sorry. My good, long time friend Theo Straathof, of this world-famous city of Bodegraven, has sent me this wonderful video. I fully concur – Make Bodegraven Great Again! and as well Bodegraven first! The rest of the world second.


    Please, please – keep the Gouda coming to the second place in the world, Grayson (Atlanta), Georgia, USA – where I live. Also, the Grolsch and even the Heinekin – do not forget them. American bier sucks the big one.

    Theo has assured me that I am the very first full-fledged non-native citizen of Bodegraven. As such, I will assume my prerogative and nominate my good and long time friend THEO STRAATHOF for election in your upcoming March, 2018 elections. He deserves your vote, support, and money. He has paid me well to say this. He is a man of the world, a smart businessman, an opa, and will promise Bodegraven’s voting citizens anything needed to get you to vote for him.

    Seriously, he is a good guy and deserves to be in public office. Short of that, make him your international marketing and promotion manager. He will work for free – a good deal, eh? He just needs a good travel budget with first-class air travel.

    OK – enough for now. Get out there and make Bodegraven great again.
    Cheers, Terry Dempsey, a friend of Theo Straathof
    Send all bills and complaints to him, not me. )-;

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